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Spirit Calling Spell Candle

Spirit Calling Spell Candle

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*SOLD OUT* Orders for this Spell Candle are closed.

Spirit Calling Spell Candle is only made once a year under the October full moon, when the veil between the worlds is notoriously thin. It will assist you in calling in your spirits, ancestors, deities, or any of the otherworldly entities you wish to communicate with. It also includes hefty protection against all unwelcome and unwanted interactions. Since it's made under such powerful conditions, it's great for carrying that "thin veil" energy through the rest of the year, even after the season has passed.

Pre-orders for this year will open sometime around September 2023.

Spell Candles come fixed and ready to use, with instructions included to help guide you. All of my candles are handmade with natural, non-toxic ingredients.

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