Welcome to Azila's Cauldron

Azila's Cauldron is a metaphysical and spiritual supply store in Southern Humboldt County, California.

I stock items that are handmade by independent artisans and crafters, supporting local businesses as much as possible.

Shop my carefully curated selection of Spell Candles, smudge supplies, incense, herbs, tarot cards, books, art, grimoire supplies, gifts, and more!

122 Main Street
Scotia, CA.

All store inventory is now available online!

✨🕯 Spell Candle of the Month 🕯✨

🌟The Salt Protection Spell Candle! 🌟

Inspired by the iconic "ring of salt" from my favorite supernatural shows ("Sammy, grab the salt!"), this candle is a powerful protection spell all wrapped up in a jar.

Salt has been used for ages as a means of energetic protection. As the main protective ingredient in this candle, it works to form an energetic shield around you and your space. Think of it as an invisible bubble that keeps the bad vibes at bay.

What's even better? Each of my candles is lovingly hand-poured in small batches and is 100% non-toxic, so you can breathe easy while casting your protective circle.

Grab yours and let the potent energy of this candle go to work on your behalf.

Let’s light up the magic!