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Sage Spray || Handmade, Ethically Harvested

Sage Spray || Handmade, Ethically Harvested

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White sage is used for cleansing, purification, and protection. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties that make it very useful as a cleanser. 

Palo Santo wood is often used as an incense for purifying and uplifting energy.

Both have a lovely scent that tends to compliment one-another, and they go together beautifully in my handmade sage spray.

• This spray can be used as a quick energy cleanser - just spritz it around the room.
• It can also be used as a "refreshing" spray. I often spray it on my couch and rugs to quickly eliminate the more unpleasant smells my dogs tend to leave behind. Just be careful with light colored fabrics, as this may stain if enough of it gets absorbed by white fabric.
• Use as often as needed!

This is real, genuine, handcrafted sage spray. Infused with real organic White Sage and Palo Santo wood (holy wood). Each batch takes 6 weeks to brew. 

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*White sage is sacred in native cultures. The plant is native to a very small area of southern California and northern Baja California and it isn't naturally occurring anywhere else. It's recently become extremely popular and over-harvesting has led to this plant being severely threatened in its own natural habitat. If you're using white sage, it's extremely important that it's been ethically harvested in a way that is not contributing to the endangerment of this plant's presence in the wild.

ALL of the sage I use in my practice and in my business comes from sage that thrives in my garden. It's always grown and harvested ethically and respectfully. 

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