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Black & Red Spiked "RIOT" Mug | Bitchware Ceramics

Black & Red Spiked "RIOT" Mug | Bitchware Ceramics

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This super punk black mug has red spikes and "RIOT" engraved on it.

Measures approximately 3.5" tall and 3" in diameter (5.5" with the spikes). It weighs 14oz.

Taylor LaRue of Bitchware Ceramics is a queer artist from Northern California. Creating spiked cups and mugs that challenge the patriarchal norm, their art empowers women and LGBTQ+ individuals with an unapologetically rebellious spirit. Through punk-inspired aesthetics and bold expressions, these vessels redefine defiance, transforming oppressive language into symbols of strength. Join in this ongoing revolution as we dismantle misogyny and homophobia, one bold sip at a time.

Check them out on Instagram: @Bitchwareceramics

Handmade • Queer-Owned • Local

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