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Home Cleansing & Protection Kit

Home Cleansing & Protection Kit

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A bundle of my very favorite home cleansing and protection items.

Home Cleansing & Protection Kit comes with everything you need to rid your home of negative energies and keep them from coming back.

• Salt Protection Spell Candle- Uses the powerful protection power of salt to form a protective energy barrier around the area where it's burned.
• Mini Sage Stick- The smoke of burning sage cleanses and purifies the air in the space where it's burned. The sage in this bundle was grown and harvested in my own garden. 
• Palo Santo- Also known as "Holy Wood." The smoke from Palo Santo wood creates sacred space and raises vibrations. Plus, it has an incredibly pleasant smell!
•Black Salt- Absorbs and traps negative energy.
•Smoky Quartz- Absorbs and neutralizes negative energy.

All 5 items come in a boxed kit. Includes instructions and suggestions for using each item.

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