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Court Case Spell Candle

Court Case Spell Candle

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Justice is a complicated concept, and the justice system is far from perfect. This candle is for those who find themselves in a legal battle and fear that they may be on the losing end. Whether you were wrongly accused, you have a moral justification for breaking the law (sometimes what’s “right” isn’t what’s legal), or you just need to make sure that the judgement of your case is truly fair, this is for you! Keep in mind that this Spell Candle focuses on justice. Actual justice. This won’t help you avoid the consequences of breaking the law if you’re truly in the wrong. Burn this candle one week before your court date to ensure the ruling is in your favor.


Spell Candles come fixed and ready to use, with instructions included to help guide you. All of my candles are handmade with natural, non-toxic ingredients.


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