What Does That Card Mean: THE FOOL

The Fool

Keywords: Beginning a journey, taking the first step, exploration, taking risks, open mind, trusting the process.

Imagery and Symbolism
In most decks, The Fool is usually depicted as a character who appears to be walking toward a cliff or some other perceived danger. He's looking up toward the sky, which gives the impression that he doesn't see what's coming. You'll usually see him carrying a bag, indicating a longer trip that he needed to bring belongings for. He's accompanied by a furry companion (usually a dog), and he's traveling under bright and sunny conditions. This gives the impression that the vibes are positive and optimistic.

The Usual Interpretation
This card tends to get a bad rap, but it's one of my favorites! If The Fool represented a person, he'd often be seen as irresponsible and naïve. He's travelling in a direction that appears to be leading him straight into danger, seemingly without a care in the world. He's a "shoot from the hip" and an "act first think later" type of person. He doesn't plan things out and just goes wherever life takes him. Foolish.

A Different Perspective
Over the years, I've learned to see The Fool a little bit differently. It represents a level of fearlessness that most of us don't have. He moves forward on his path without worrying about what he'll face further up the road. He may not have the whole thing planned out, but at least he got started. Many people in his position would have never even began the journey for fear of the unknown.

The Fool chooses to look at things from a more optimistic perspective. Do things look pretty bleak from the outside? Sure. Does that mean it definitely won't work out? Not necessarily. He might get to the edge of that cliff and find a nice little staircase leading to a beautiful valley below. Maybe he'll hitch a ride in a helicopter passing by. For all we know, the "cliff" might just be a few feet higher than the rest of the path... not a cliff at all! But he really won't know until he gets there. That's the beauty of the energy of The Fool.

What It Means In A Reading
As the very first card in a traditional tarot deck, it represents the beginning of a very significant journey. If you get this card, you're probably being (or soon will be) presented with the opportunity for an adventure that has an uncertain outcome. You'll need to choose between playing it safe, or taking the chance and seeing where this adventure takes you. It's most likely not what you think!
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