Spring Equinox / New Moon Prosperity Ritual - March 21

Spring Equinox / New Moon Prosperity Ritual - March 21

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Group Ritual for prosperity in honor of the Spring Equinox and New Moon. 

This working is for you if you want to welcome in an abundant and prosperous year as we transition out of the dormant winter season and into spring - the season of growth and productivity.

I'll be performing this ritual for the entire group on the morning of Tuesday, March 21 - when the new moon phase peaks.

To purchase your space in the ritual: Add this to your cart and follow the usual checkout process. During checkout, be sure to include your real, full name and a short note about what your desired outcomes are for the ritual (a new job, a successful sales season, etc.). Intentions for this ritual MUST be related to prosperity, abundance, income, etc.

You can purchase more than one slot if you'd like to enter someone else into this ritual as well. Please make sure their information is included along with yours at checkout.

When the ritual is complete, you'll get an email notification that your order has been fulfilled. I won't be sending spell work reports for this ritual UNLESS I notice that something was weird or abnormal with your portion of the ritual. If you get a notification that your order was fulfilled and you don't hear anything else from me, that means all went well! 

There are 15 total spaces available for this ritual. The deadline to purchase a space is at 7PM (Pacific Time) the night before the ritual. 

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