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5" Sage Bundle | Homegrown | Ethically Harvested

5" Sage Bundle | Homegrown | Ethically Harvested

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California White Sage

Homegrown. Ethically harvested. 5"

Straight out of a witch's garden! Grown with love and magic in Coastal northern California. Harvested sustainably and respectfully. Use this for smoke cleansing or for your rituals that call for white sage.

*White sage is sacred in native cultures. The plant is native to a very small area of southern California and northern Baja California and it isn't naturally occurring anywhere else. It's recently become extremely popular and over-harvesting has led to this plant being severely threatened in its own natural habitat. If you're using white sage, it's extremely important that it's been ethically harvested in a way that is not contributing to the endangerment of this plant's presence in the wild.

ALL of the sage I use in my practice and in my business comes from sage that thrives in my garden. It's always harvested with love and respect.

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